Relationship to success

  • Effective Project Governance increases project success by 22.3%
  • Project Governance improves stakeholder engagement and visibility
  • The realisation of the organisations strategic objectives are enhanced by the use of Governance
  • Project Governance increases decision-making efficiency and effectiveness

Why Strata Results?

  • SRG has developed a comprehensive Program Delivery & Governance Framework that has proven to support successful implementations whilst meeting business benefits. This framework can be tailored for your needs.
  • Daily, Weekly and Project Lifecycle Horizons are focused on in the Strata Results Governance Framework, providing the project team and other stakeholders increased visibility and control.
  • Stage Gates are an important aspect of good project governance and are used as formal review & approval for projects to move forward in a controlled and purposeful manner at interval stages
  • SRG will design & use the Governance Tools to suit your organisation and train/ mentor your teams in its use

Delivery & Transformation Services

Other relevant Capabilities include:

Templates, and best practice business processes that can be used as a base for project artefacts during your SDLC and for your specific industry. This means we don’t have to start from ground zero.

Checklists, for all major deliverables to ensure that PM’s have considered the detail

Registers, that can be used to monitor ongoing performance of your initiatives to ensure that benefits are actually realised instead of just trying to meet a go-live date!

What does this mean for you?

When a Project is delivered via Strata Results Governance Framework:

Proactive Resolution

Efficient Decision-making

Visibility & Transparency

Trusted Advisor

Governance & Control

Boutique Service

Other Capabilities relevant to Delivery & Transformation include:

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