What solution is the right fit for your organization?

We understand the complexity & diversity of an organisation’s rostering practices & requirements. Using a comprehensive client requirements analysis and vendor selection process we can recommend the right rostering solution for you. We are effectively technology agnostic but have partnerships and affiliations with multiple best-of-breed rostering vendors.

We have senior Rostering & Workforce Management specialists with 15+ years of international experience, for your specific needs, design and implementation.

Problem Statement

Organisations are challenged in reducing labour costs, Award Compliance, Rostering workers with the right skills, right place and at the right time, duplication and manual data entry, payroll processing deadlines, roster visibility and employee engagement.

Cost of Not Doing

  • Award / Industrial Agreement Non-Compliance
  • Added administration overhead
  • Operational inefficiencies
  • Diminished customer service and general service delivery
  • Unfair distribution of vacancy fills, and overtime across the workforce
  • The inefficient spread of hours and use of casual workforce
  • Incorrect workforce skills, competencies and qualifications mix
  • Inefficient processing of leave requests, workflow and authorisation
  • Employee dissatisfaction


  • 70% of Rostering Projects fail to realise objectives, run over budget and/or not completed on time
  • 3% to 5% labour costs savings are regularly achieved in a well-managed rostering project

What we do / Method


Based on an initial analysis/review of your rostering practices and requirements, our team will use its analysis and vendor selection process to recommend the appropriate rostering solution.

Our Rostering & Workforce Management specialists will then work with your organisation to tailor an implementation plan and utilising our structured methodology for governance and project delivery we can deliver it.

We like to put skin-in-the-game to ensure your success. Our governance and project delivery methodology focusses on an inclusive approach to work with the business at all levels to ensure shared ownership and accountability. We constantly analyse the ‘health’ of our projects rather than just the project ‘Status’ and we also have our Tiger Team on standby to help re-align any project health issues.

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