Let us successfully deliver your programme and projects using our simple model that via collaboration promotes forecasting of future Project Health, utilises transparency, inclusiveness and project horizons that allow you to track the benefits.

We bring 20+ years in Project and Program Management and put skin-in-the-game to ensure your success.

Our structured methodology for Governance and Project delivery experience focuses on an inclusive approach from all levels (from the top floor to shop floor) to ensure shared ownership and accountability. The framework is tailored to an organisations needs, we can train and mentor your teams in its use and make a set of tailored governance tools available.

We constantly analyse the ‘health’ of the projects rather than just project ‘status’. We support all our projects with a Tiger Team who is on standby to help resolve any project health issues.

Problem Statement

We see it too often, project implementation failures due to poor project estimations, lack of change management, budget overruns, lack of involvement and support form users and executives. The reasons for project failure can be summarised into the following:

  • Engagement of Business
  • Support by C-level
  • Scope Creep
  • Governance of Projects

Cost of Not Doing

Project failure results in a trifecta of Business Value Erosion

  1. Poor Project Estimating
  2. Project Failure Rates
  3. Budget Overruns

Alarming Statistics

Some alarming stats (Harvard Business Review 2018)

  • The failure of IT costs the U.S. economy about $50-$150 billion annually
  • Only 2.5 percent of companies successfully complete 100 percent of their projects
  • Organizations today are wasting an average of US$97M for every US$1B invested
  • The average budget overrun was 27 percent, but one in six projects had a cost overrun of 200% on average and a schedule overrun of almost 70 percent

Reasons for Project Failure

What the Experts say…

  • Confirm with C-level that projects align with the overall business strategy
  • Limit the size, complexity and duration of individual projects by breaking them up into manageable size to reap benefits quickly
  • Understand expectations and functionality sought from a project
  • Keep schedules and project scope realistic and transparent to all C-level stakeholders
  • Stay on top of costs by ensuring appropriate methodology and tools are in place to identify budget variance and/or overruns early
  • Increase the frequency of project status and review meetings

Our team will need to understand the appropriate level of governance that will be required. This governance is intended to facilitate our standard approach to the delivery of projects and will include the definition of roles & responsibilities for each:

  • Daily Stand-Up project team meetings, looking at a 24-hour horizon
  • Weekly deep-dive meetings, looking at the following 4 week period
  • Standard weekly 1-page dashboard status reports
  • Regular formal meetings with the ANU Project Manager / Representative
  • Fortnightly Steering Committee meetings
  • Tracking of the progress of agreed KPI’s

During the early stages of any tenure, we would work with your representatives to identify those Executives that will formulate this Steering Committee and confirm with each member what their role is and what the role of the sponsor is and subsequently schedule all governance meetings commencing thereafter.

The Governance model has been developed for project teams to enable a common platform for communication and decision making. The benefits include:

  • Clearer communication lines for project team members
  • Time bases focus sessions to enable a complete program horizon to be viewed
  • Unambiguous scope for each governance forum
  • The ability for project members to raise and discuss all risks and issues

Partnership Model

To complement our Governance model we offer our successful Partnership model to deliver to your strategic plan. This comes into effect as soon as we are successfully engaged.

An Executive will be assigned to you to:

  • Work with yourself and your business team to ensure successful outcomes
  • Discuss with you, the overall performance of our Team and their ability to achieve deadlines
  • Offer ourselves to be “At the table” to discuss non-project activities such as Strategic Planning, Outsourcing, Acquisitions etc
  • Act as your Independent Advisor

This model is part of our Total Service Offering and is NOT billable.

Tiger Team

We differentiate ourselves from other providers in offering our Tiger Team. This service comes at ZERO charge to our customers and is offered as an added-value service to ensure your success. The Tiger Team is a team of three highly experienced resources – a Senior Program Manager, an Enterprise Architect and a Senior Business Analyst.

This team will liaise with the Project Team at regular intervals and receive all governance documentation and weekly status reports. Their objective is to determine if any risks or issues are in danger of impacting either scope, timelines or allocated budget of your project and take immediate action to mitigate.

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