• Strategic Planning

    Our Strategic Planning approach focuses on Mission, Vision, Focus Areas, Guardrails and Roadmaps to develop your Strategic Plan and allows your organisation to make cohesive proper decisions in accordance with the overall organisation Strategic Plan.

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  • Delivery & Transformation

    Our structured methodology for Governance and Projects is built on 20+ years of successful delivery experience and focuses on an inclusive approach from all levels (from top floor to shop floor) to ensure shared ownership and accountability.

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  • Process Optimisation

    We have a structured methodology designed from years of experience that focus on understanding the processes from the ground up, working with the employees who complete the work to see the process in real-time.

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  • Strata Results Recruitment

    Success depends on the people around you, that’s why Strata Recruitment source and place the right candidate for your position first time, we want to place top talented people today, helping you succeed tomorrow.

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Want to develop a Strategic Plan within a framework of ‘Guiding Principles’ which can orchestrate your Business to move towards a chosen direction or objective?

Delivery &

Want to avoid project implementation failures due to poor project estimations, lack of change management, budget overruns, lack of involvement and support from users and executives?


Do you want to increase your process level visibility, reduce inefficiencies by identifying duplication, needless manual handling, poor integration, process bottlenecks and other overheads?

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