SRG has 20+ years’ experience in Manufacturing across Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Asia and Europe. SRG has run several recovery programs, working with Manufacturing stakeholders to turn-a-round unsuccessful past implementations.    Strategic Planning is a major service offering for SRG and we have been actively involved in delivering this service at several of our manufacturing clients.  We have run several Tenders for our clients, exploring options for fit-for-purpose technologies.    We have also had numerous engagements to develop executive roadmaps (for both Business and Technology), Business Case development.   We have run many transformational sized programs.   Our Process Mapping & Optimisation capability has been used on several occasions to develop a ‘Process Map on a Page’ to reflect changes to end-users and aids the No.1 failure of the majority of project success being effective Change Management.  SRG has been also involved with developing IoT solutions for elements of the manufacturing down-stream processes.

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