SRG with experts with 20+ years of experience in Strategic Planning, can partner with you to create your overall Strategic Plan. Together we will identify your blockers to success and further define your guiding principles and individual initiatives, forming an overall Strategic Plan for delivery to ensure KPI realisation and shareholder value

Problem Statement

Many Organisations have a mission statement and a vision but do not:

  • align these with the enterprise’s Objectives, Goals and Strategies and thus KPI’s
  • have the time to identify and remove the Blockers to achieve their Strategic Plan Objectives

The result: Executives and middle management fail to make cohesive proper decision making in accordance with the overall organisation’s Strategic Plan.

Cost of Not Doing

  • organisation is not going to survive in the fast, ever changing and challenging environment
  • impacts the attitude of an organization’s team, increased loss of morale, high attrition and buy in and the impact on staff which is a further detrimental effect
  • increased execution costs through poor planning and inefficient use of resources
  • company lacks the focus needed to achieve corporate goals and develop plans that will move the company forward
  • a lack of objectives means that your company does not have a clear vision for the future.


Gartner has identified Key Factors that can help Drive your Strategic Change or serve as a Blocker to enablement.

Customer Demands
Cost Pressures
Improved Decision Making
Health and Safety
New Research and Practices
Changing Demographics
Explosion of Change in IT
Time Pressure
Organisational Culture
Internal Politics
Resistance to Change
Poor Leadership
Lack of Motivation
Poor Communication
Change Fatigue

What we do / Method

Focusing on the below 5 key areas:


The organisation’s purpose described in the language of the business


A vivid emotionally inspiring, time-specific picture of a future to which the organisation aspires

Focus Areas

Topics, strategic areas of focus by the leadership of an organisation


The guiding principles


Guardrails are used to identify goals and plan out Strategic Roadmaps by Business Unit and then by Business Function

We assess your organisations maturity to determine what level of strategic planning and road-mapping effort would be required. Then, using the below Approach, we make it happen

Where are we now…


  • Accumulate what exists: Mission Statement, Vision, etc.
  • Assess where your organisation is on the maturity curve
  • Identify Strategic Issues to address
  • For the Strategic Plan, perform a SWOT analysis to synthesize the data into a summary
  • Document the Scope agreed

Where are we going…

Strategic Plan

  • Articulate the Vision of what success looks like in the future
  • Identify ‘Drivers’ and ‘Blockers’
  • Identify strategic areas of focus
  • Agree on your guiding principles being your Guardrails
  • Develop the 3-5 year Strategy

How do we get there…


  • Set your priorities using a SWOT analysis
  • Agree on your short to mid-term goals (1+ year)
  • Align your goals / guiding principles to that of your organisation
  • Identify and agree on Key Performance Indicators – KPI’s to track progress
  • Draw up your Roadmap

Let’s make it happen…


  • Depending on the level of Strategic Plan required, communicate your strategy to the entire organisation or within your Business Unit
  • Establish a plan for progress reviews of achievement of milestones on the Roadmap
  • Hold progress review and modify plan on a continuous basis
  • Make someone accountable and celebrate success!

We like to put skin-in-the-game to ensure your success. Therefore, if you need help in delivering the agreed Roadmap you can utilise our structured methodology for governance and project delivery, which focusses on an inclusive approach to work with the business at all levels to ensure shared ownership and accountability. We constantly analyse the ‘health’ of our projects rather than just the project ‘Status’ and we also have our Tiger Team on standby to help re-align any project health issues.

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Want to develop a Strategic Plan within a framework of ‘Guiding Principles’ which can orchestrate your Business to move towards a chosen direction or objective?

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Want to avoid project implementation failures due to poor project estimations, lack of change management, budget overruns, lack of involvement and support from users and executives?


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