Traditional Thinking

Projects traditionally focus and report on Schedule, Milestones and Budget, providing a black and white view of your project’s status

Too often projects fail due to other factors not in the traditional focus, reasons include:

  • Vendor not receiving payments
  • Steering Committee not performing requirements at a high-level
  • Lack of Stakeholder Engagement

Why Strata Results?

  • At Strata Results, we go beyond the traditional reporting confines to understand Project Health. Looking at all different aspects of a project.
  • We use an additional lens to understand what else may have both a positive and negative impact on a project being successful.

Delivery & Transformation Services

Other relevant Capabilities include:


  • We have created several different scorecards which are continuously reviewed and presented to project stakeholders, to provide visibility of the status of influential factors in the project. This enables proactive and data driven decision making. Key areas include:
    • Vendor Engagement
    • Stakeholder Engagement
    • Steering Committee effectiveness
    • Project Team Effectiveness

Strata View

  • Strata View is an online tool which reports on the Health of your projects, enabling quick and efficient visibility of current and historical progress and status. Areas include:
    • Budget vs Actuals
    • Status of schedule, quality, scope, engagement and much more
    • Top 5 items of the project for the given week e.g. actions, decisions, risks etc
  • Strata View enables a consolidated view of your investments
  • Strata View creates increased visibility and transparency, driving insight driven decision making.

What does this mean for you?

When a Project is delivered using Strata Results Project Health, you receive:

Complete Transparency

Untapped insight

One Stop Shop

Trusted Advisor

Governance & Control

Boutique Service

Other Capabilities relevant to Delivery & Transformation include:

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